A Gallery of Bradley and Hubbard Slag Glass Lamps

Some of the most unbelievably beautiful types of lamps were created in the 1800s and early 1900s. They featured slag glass lamp shades that used bent glass techniques to come up with outstanding looking lamps. One of the leading lamp manufacturers of the time was a company called Bradley & Hubbard and the range of designs was quite extensive.

These days the lamps produced by the company are collector items and just looking at some examples it is not difficult to see why they were extremely popular at their time of manufacture.

In order to appreciate these lamps even more fully I have gathered together a collection of images of these lamps. Browse through the Bradley & Hubbard slag glass table lamps showcased below and then try to overcome the temptation of buying one for your own home.


The lamps displayed above were all sold recently on eBay and some of them for very reasonable prices considering the quality and age that they are. However, the competition was quite fierce and most of these lamps were subject to some serious bidding wars before they were sold. Evidence indeed that the Bradley & Hubbard slag glass lamps, as well as just about any other type of antique slag glass lamp put up for sale, is very popular.