A Gallery of Slag Glass Car Ashtrays

The decorative uses for slag glass have never been so well adapted as when it was used to create the slag glass car ashtray. These ashtrays were commonly stuck to the dashboard of the automobiles made from between the 1930s to the 1950s. They were attached to the car dashboard courtesy of a suction cup that was fitted by a hole in the side of the ashtray.

The swirling colors of these ashtrays ensure that they are distinctive and memorable. But more than that, the patterns, shapes and style of these pieces also make them very collectible.

These slag glass ashtrays were manufactured primarily by two companies. HouzeX Glass Co. created their ashtrays with smooth rounded sides while Akro Agate manufactured a version of the ashtray that was similarly patterned but featured 10 flat panels on the side.

As with most finely crafted products that were popular in their day, demand for the glass ashtrays dwindled with the introduction of the cheaper alternative of plastic.

Below is a chance to appreciate a selection of the original slag glass car ashtrays that were created back in the middle of the twentieth century with a gallery of images.

 Akro Agate Turquoise Slag Glass Car Ashtray  Brown and Oxblood Slag Glass Car Ashtray  Cobalt Blue Slag Glass Car Ashtray
 HouzeX Blue Slag Glass Car Ashtray  HouzeX Blue Swirl Slag Glass Car Ashtray  HouzeX Brown Slag Glass Car Ashtray
 HouzeX Cobalt Blue Slag Glass Car Ashtray  HouzeX Red Slag Glass Car Ashtray  Olive and Blue Slag Glass Car Ashtray
 Orange Yellow Slag Glass Car Ashtray  Turquoise and Yellow Slag Glass Car Ashtray  Vaseline and Green Slag Glass Car Ashtray

The selection of slag glass car ashtrays displayed above is one of a number of different ways in which we have explored how slag glass is used to its best decorative advantage.

You might also appreciate the gallery of Bradley and Hubbard slag glass lamps that also features this fine product.

Slag Glass Pitchers and Jugs

In an earlier post I was discussing the use of slag glass as a decorative item that can be simply placed on a shelf in a room to create a beautiful feature piece. This would have to be the simplest and most cost effective way of decorating possible. But there are other ways in which the beauty of slag glass has been captured and used in the creation of everyday items.

One of these items really appeals to me and that is the small pitcher or creamer. Not only is it an everyday item that will be brought out and placed on the dining table during meal times but it is also a decorative object that can be placed up high on a shelf for display.

I have taken the liberty of selecting a few of the more beautiful examples of slag glass pitchers and displaying them here because I think they are representative of the types of gorgeous objects that are just as artistic as many of the far more expensive jugs and pitchers that are frequently bought and displayed. The thing about the pitchers that have been displayed on this page is that they were all being sold for under $40 each.

The first of these pitchers that I have chosen to highlight is a Kanhawa Art Glass Slag Pitcher in green and white. I just love the darkened swirls that form towards the bottom of the body of the jug. This particular jug stands at 5-1/4” high making it a good small creamer size and more than useful as a decorative piece. It is hard to beat a piece of beauty that sells for less than $15.00 and that is what this jug was being offered for.

The next pitcher is a much smaller decorative piece. It is an Imperial Glass marbled slag glass creamer that measures only 3” high. It is a richly patterned pitcher that is beautifully shaped and shows off the fine slag glass qualities perfectly. This pitcher was being offered for around $10.00.

The final pitcher really shows off the diversity of slag glass and just what you can do with it. the pitcher. It is a Challinor Taylor pitcher and the amazing ripples of color that run through it provides a riot of patterns that change as you go around the circumference of the pitcher. It is another larger pitcher and would be the type of jug you would be inclined to use at every opportunity. It is also being offered for sale at a very approachable price of under $30.00.

One of the consistent things that I look for is the striations and swirls that run through and around the bodies of the pitchers. These natural looking elements not only give the jug a wild look but they also make them more interesting to look at. You can have one of these types of jugs sitting on your dining table day after day and suddenly notice, because the jug is turned at a slightly new angle, or because the light is hitting it from a slightly different point of view, that the pitcher has a completely different look about it.

These pitchers can be very rewarding from a visual perspective, let alone from the point of view that they can be used on a daily basis.

The great thing about all of these examples of pottery that use slag glass as a key ingredient is that hey are very accessible. All of the pitchers that have been displayed on this page were offered for sale on eBay.

Uses For Slag Glass Chunks

Taking a look at the amazing ways in which slag glass has been used over the years to create the most decorative table lamp shades imaginable makes you realize that slag glass is a material that may have been somewhat overlooked. It appears the creation of slag glass must be a fairly cheap process. After all, it’s making use of a waste product, foundry slag, and the end result is definitely one of the more eye-catching types of materials.

Take a look at the gallery of slag glass car ashtrays for another example of the decorative uses that this fine product were once put to.

Sure enough, it is possible to buy slag glass chunks in various forms and sizes as decorative items. The thing is, although slag glass when used in things like lamps comes from the combination of a waste product added to molten glass, slag glass chunks are simply chunks of leftover colored glass that is retrieved from the kiln of a glass manufacturer.

Although the shapes of these chunks of glass are rather, shall we say, free form, the colors are definitely attractive and the smaller examples can be placed anywhere in a room to give a dramatic and colorful effect.

They are also being sold in much larger pieces with chunks weighing anywhere up to and over 70 pounds being salvaged and used. There are any number of ways in which these pieces of glass can be used to provide a significant piece of decorative art in the home or yard. It’s unusual and it’s attractive and it is not something that you see very often so for a touch of the unusual it is also a winner.

Pictured here are a couple of chunks of slag glass just to give you a bit of an idea of the types of things we are talking about. These two pieces are rather more colorful than many types of slag glass chunks although there is no rule as to just how colorful they might be.

Use them as paperweights or as bookends or out in the garden you might like to landscape with them. Moving back indoors the decorative nature of this glass was also popularly used for pitchers and jugs. If you get enough of the smaller pieces of slag glass and have them tumbled to remove any sharp edges they would make a very effective and attractive type of mineral mulch. They’re certainly available at a price that is going to appeal to many budgets.

A Gallery of Bradley and Hubbard Slag Glass Lamps

Some of the most unbelievably beautiful types of lamps were created in the 1800s and early 1900s. They featured slag glass lamp shades that used bent glass techniques to come up with outstanding looking lamps. One of the leading lamp manufacturers of the time was a company called Bradley & Hubbard and the range of designs was quite extensive.

These days the lamps produced by the company are collector items and just looking at some examples it is not difficult to see why they were extremely popular at their time of manufacture.

In order to appreciate these lamps even more fully I have gathered together a collection of images of these lamps. Browse through the Bradley & Hubbard slag glass table lamps showcased below and then try to overcome the temptation of buying one for your own home.


The lamps displayed above were all sold recently on eBay and some of them for very reasonable prices considering the quality and age that they are. However, the competition was quite fierce and most of these lamps were subject to some serious bidding wars before they were sold. Evidence indeed that the Bradley & Hubbard slag glass lamps, as well as just about any other type of antique slag glass lamp put up for sale, is very popular.

Celebrate the Fizik Road Saddles

When looking for a high performance road racing saddle there is a lot to like about the Fizik saddles. The company is responsible for a range of very high quality saddles that make use of a few different technologies to provide the most durable rails possible as well as comfort features such as their so-called Wing Flex Technology.

Among the various different models available are the three core design shapes to cater for the various different body types. The saddle models are the Aliante, Antares and Arione saddle. The differences between these three different models come down to the dimensions of the saddle, both from nose to rear as well as from side to side.

The Fizik Arione saddle is made with the dimensions of 300mm in length by 132mm wide. In comparison the Aliante is shorter and wider measuring 265mm long by 142mm wide. The Antares sits between the other two saddles with a length of 274mm and a width of 142mm. The various lengths and widths that are available means that no matter what type of rider you are, whether you prefer to move forward and back depending on the terrain or you require a little more width, there will be a Fizik road saddle to suit your tastes.

The company has also supplied a range of different rails that helps to reduce the weight of the various different models. One of the materials used to make the rails on all three models is a material specific to Fizik that goes by the name K:ium. This is an alloy that has gone through a finishing process designed to increase the strength of the metal while also reducing the weight by as much as 8%.

The shell of the saddle is also designed a couple of different ways with carbon fiber reinforcement used to provide a small amount of movement to assist the body in the pedalling process.

As with many of the top quality cycling saddles available in the market today, a lot of technological innovations have been used to design saddles that will feel comfortable and will perform. It is not surprising that Fizik saddles have become some of the most popular saddles available by both the competitive rider as well as the more recreational.

Loving the Idea of Dining Out

One of my most favourite things to do is to eat out at one of the many restaurants that grace my fair city. It’s not as if I get to do it all that often but when I do I like to make a night (or an afternoon of it). The challenge is to find a hidden gem that has yet to be discovered and revel in the sumptuous food that is offered.

With so many different cuisines to choose from – Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai or Indian – there is something different to try out for the foreseeable future. Also, with so many cooking or eating types of shows becoming popular on the television more top flight chefs and restaurants are being “outed” as places that simply must be tried. The downside to this is that it is now getting more difficult to actually find a restaurant with a vacancy during any of the peak or even semi-peak times.

So for the time being I think I might just try a few of the local suburban restaurants and enjoy the variety of food that is on offer.